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 MMO Fanfic: Bangu-Bang Mania // Apocalypse Nigh

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Hatsuya Kanzaki

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PostSubject: MMO Fanfic: Bangu-Bang Mania // Apocalypse Nigh   Sun 28 Jun - 14:16

NOTE: This 18-shot fic is influenced by a Rated-18 Tokusatsu show entitled "Garo" (imagine Karas as a live-action TV show/fantaserye).

^ Bangu-Bang Mania: the first MMO fighting game from Philippines ^

~Apocalypse Nigh~
1st Day: The Sign

Another typical day in Pineapple City, where humans and Bangu get along as usual. The Shopping Complex's full of people, worker robots and Bangu doin' their usual stuff, then the Robot 3000 began orienting budding Bangu owners about them.

Vincent, a 13-year-old boy with a brown bowl cut hair in blue long-sleeved shirt and denim 3/4 pants, strolled on the biggest shopping center's atrium until he saw a Bangu shop, having Robot 3000 and the Mayflower Bangu replicas on the entrance. Vincent hurriedly went into the shop, leaving his Bangu outside, she facepalmed and began to wait.

The excited preteen was amazed on the new Bangu parts, like the Thorn Saber, the Rocket Punch, and even a strangely-designed sword weapon. Suddenly, a girl with brown neck-length hair, dressed in orange shirt & jumpers, happily greeted Vincent and she asked,
"Vin-vin, what are you goin' to buy?"
"Nah, just checkin' out some new Bangu, Mica" Vincent replied.

However, thirty-three Janitor Ser-Vangu (Servant Bangu)'s eyes turned bloody red and they began acting strange, instead of cleaning the shopping mall, they began attacking people and innocent Bangu everywhere.

"What just happened out there!" the Bangu Shop owner yelled, the Altiers summoned their Bangu and tried confronting the berserkin' SerVangu outside.

Vincent and Mica went out and they saw the SerVangu mob suddenly transforming into horrendous mechanical monsters. The soap cannons began to get sticky, while other variants had replaced soap with muriatic acid, the floor polishers' brushes turned into needles, and the trashcans they don, began spitting hardened trash like Launcher Mines.

"Damnit! Zombie Bangu again? I bet this is a Hatsu-job!" Vincent mumbled as he saw other Altiers and their Bangu being dealt by the horrid adversaries.

Mica slapped Vincent and yelled, "He can't be doin' that one! Lets just kick their butts instead, Vin-vin!"

Vincent's Bangu unleashed five arrows generated from his Wings of Love, and hit about six of the mutated SerVangu. Mica's Bangu launched all of her missiles from her Sky Destroyer, hitting three other adversaries approaching them. The rest of the enemies stared at them and went all-out on the two, leaving other Altiers and their damaged Bangu running away.

"Shit! Now they're after us, Mica!" Vincent cursed as his Bangu rushed towards the approaching fray, then slashed them with her Charm Saber.

However, two boys with their white & gold Bangu appeared in front of them.

"Eizien... Bardiche... hmph! As usual, these Tito-Vic-Joey tandems began poppin' out from nowhere, but where's their third one?" Vincent angrily mumbled as he saw their Bangu finishing the first wave of the infected Janitor SerVangu.

However, Mikkun, in Kamen Rider Faiz blaster mode costume, appeared, throwing out exploding kunai on the mutated SerVangu horde.


Meanwhile, in a secluded mansion situated in Mt. Pinyahan, a 16-year-old boy, with gray long hair styled like Sephiroth's hairstyle, wearing a red trenchcoat & leather pants, went inside the vine-ridden mansion. All of a sudden, a strange Bangu performing a head-stand appeared in front of the mysterious boy. The strange Bangu was colored blood-red, and its arms were all normal, and it had a motif of Baphomet.
"Baphomet, a Death Demon Bangu eh?" the gray-haired boy said.
"You're right, Johmin! I'm Baphomet, and since you've found me, why don't we both enjoy an MMO in this stinkin' world we're both in?" the blood-red Bangu spoke.
"What the shit! How in the Hell's name you've known my name!" Johmin asked.
"It's easy, you're well known, as one of the finalist of the Pineapple Bangu Tournament last year and know for cheating the rest of the players. No wonder why the DX-LAWS, and the PNP-Bangu Force were after you now eh?"
"Hmph! Okay, an MMO with an only quest: kill the DX-LAWS, bring down the PNP and spread the Plague. Good deal, Baphy!"
"Don't call me Baphy! I'm Baphomet, you air-head!"


In the Pineapple City's local library, a boy with dark-blue hair, with round glasses and dressed like a young nobleman, was researching about the Horsemen of the Apocalypse, recent events and even performing erroneous associations related to a Divine Retribution. The boy's Lord Dracul Bangu appeared beside him and said,
"Hatsuya-sama, it seems that you're serious on those Revelation stuff, as if you're trying to be a prophet or something"
"You're right, Kivat. The reason why I'm reading this thing because, the God we all believe in began taking away lives in this world, and the events we all experience now might be a part of His Divine Retribution, or should I rather say, Apocalypse" Hatsuya replied.

However, Norma and Pogaduts, a boy with black short hair and dressed in green training jacket and pants, visited him and the brown-haired girl in tight yellow dress greeted him,
"Hi Mr. Apocalypse, can you now tell which Horseman we're now against with?"
"Right now, the Vegetaria Nation were experiencing the AH1N1 outbreak, then here in Fruita Vitas, mysterious Bangu berserks, and according to another news I've heard, some organization from Porkis Nation hinted a terrorist attack on a few unnamed countries. This means that Death, Conquest and War were all here, soon Famine will come" the blue-haired glasses boy answered.
"Y'know, Ya-kun, I think you've been reading too much Left Behind and the Bible, and been glued to "TV Patrol World 24 Hours", as if you're just watching anime" Pogaduts replied.
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MMO Fanfic: Bangu-Bang Mania // Apocalypse Nigh
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