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 Memories of Gaia

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PostSubject: Memories of Gaia   Memories of Gaia EmptySat 8 Aug - 16:39

Memories of Gaia MoGLogo

In the world of Terra, both were separated into two dimensions, Sky Terra, and Terra (Below Sky Terra), Years ago, There was an ancient civilization above the world of Sky Terra named Gaia, The world of Gaia and Sky Terra were Conflicted in a fierce battle, Sky Terra wanted to Take over Gaia into their own hands because of the Leader's Greed, the leader's name was Valent, a man full of nothing but Greed and selfishness, actually a man from Gaia, but was seeking vengeance upon the Gaians because of outcasting him from accidentally destroy the Grand Gaia (A Huge Tower of Gaia, source of Mana) With his experiments, now he raids Gaia with his army from Sky Terra by forming a deal with them, and had successfully taken Gaia... But the Inheritance of Gaians were they're Gaian Reincarnations, which enables them to be brought back to life after death, But some Gaians can't undergo Gaian Reincarnation, that only enables them to shift inside the dreams of any Gaians with Gaian Reincarnation inside them.

In Present times, now Terra is holding war against the Sky Terra for leaving them in danger below without the mana flow from Sky Terra to Terra, making some earth from Sky Terra fall below Terra, thus causing destruction to some lands.

There lived a young boy named Ivan at Western terra, Esune Town, since he was a baby he was left to an Old man at Esune town and was taken cared off and now became his Grandpa, He had always wanted to know who his parents were and even wanted to see them, but when he met Shalla at Bakuma Village, he knew that the day will change his life forever...

Playable Characters
Memories of Gaia Ivan
IVAN- The main protagonist of the story, his mind is always advance to his goals, he's not always ready to give up what he had expected to do, he wants to know more things than knowing who his parents are. He's the main Attacker in the party.

Memories of Gaia Elya
ELYA- She is Ivan's Foster Cousin since Ivan was left to her grandpa, She is an innocent and kind hearted Girl, She's ready to follow any leads and get's respects from others and her Beauty will always charm some guys. She's a good early spellcaster in the party

Memories of Gaia Shalla
SHALLA- A Girl from Bakuma Village, a tribal village, she's the serious type, but still a good friend from Elya, She uses her mysterious harp to bend her MANA, no one ever knew that she actually is a Gaian. A Good Attacker/Spellcaster of the party, she's only used a few times in the party.

Memories of Gaia Trina
TRINA- A Girl with a cute cat ears, she is one of the treasure hunter's guild at Greya Village, She hunts bounty everyday, she's joyfull. A Good Support Spellcaster of the party.

Memories of Gaia Duke
DUKE- A Guy from Greya village also one of the treasure hunters Guild, he is Trina's partner in the job, he's obsessed in cash so much, sometimes his greed can become a pain. A Great tanker/Attacker in the party.

Memories of Gaia Elena
ELENA- The Queen of Fangaea City she actually shows her Identity as a blonde and charming woman, but she actually is a greenhaired Mage, she has been the first one to make a portal through Sky Terra. The Main Spellcaster in the party.

Memories of Gaia Kuido
KUIDO- An imp assistant of Elena, he was sent by Elena to Observe Sky Terra, but the Sky Terranians misunderstood his coming, and who knows what happens to him? A Good Agile Fighter of the party.

Memories of Gaia Zayne
ZAYNE- A hotheaded guy from Sky Terra, he lended help to Ivan when they were having troubles entering a place. He's the Main Tanker of the party.

Memories of Gaia Yuna
YUNA- A Daughter of the Queen of Sky Terra (Valentine) She is feeling pity towards her mother into what her mother has become, She is also able to summon Aeons just like her mother. the Main Summoner in the party.

Memories of Gaia Elizabeth
ELIZABETH- A Woman from Ivan's dreams, she dresses a white Dress and has a blonde elegant hair, she was said to be a Gaian that has communicated in Ivan's one knows what she's up to. A Good Buffer in the party.(She Doesn't appear as a player in this Long Demo!)

Memories of Gaia Dean
DEAN- Ivan's Bestfriend since childhood, they always go out in adventures everyday, He's not independent for himself, but he sooner realizes what Important MANA he has inside him. (He Doesn't appear as a player in this Long Demo!)[/spoiler]

Memories of Gaia Grandpa
GRANDPA ULDRICH- Ivan's foster Granparent, he adopted Ivan when Ivan was left in his front door as a baby, without knowing who left him.

Memories of Gaia MaidMartha
MARTHA- Ivan's Annoying Maid, she is always self centered and lazy to do her chores even though she's a maid.

Memories of Gaia Ferrick
FERRICK- Queen Elena's Ex- Personal Assistant, he was the first one who knew anything of Queen Elena's magical secrets.

Memories of Gaia Alexander
ALEXANDER- A Terranian professor that studies at Sky Terra.[/spoiler]

Memories of Gaia MAGNA
MAGNA- A Monster plantation by the Sky Forces, programmed to annihilate Terra.

Memories of Gaia Loren
LOREN- A Captain from the Sky Terra's Sky forces, He's always trying to stop anyone who'll get in Operation MAGNA's way.

Memories of Gaia Sergeants
SKY FORCES SERGEANTS- Some tough individuals in the Sky forces, sergeants who's always messed up their works. RYLAI (Left) DERGE (Middle) FREYA (Right).

Memories of Gaia Vlad
VLAD- the Sky Forces' most valuable Combatant and the most strongest, he attacked Terra before the MAGNA Even did.

Memories of Gaia Valentine
VALENTINE- The Queen of Sky Terra, a greedy and wretched woman, they say she was once a kindhearted leader, no one knows what has gotten into her, she is now evil and the source of torment and torture. Main Antagonist?

Memories of Gaia Screenshot1
Memories of Gaia Screenshot2
Memories of Gaia Battle3-1
Memories of Gaia Battle2
Memories of Gaia Battle1-1
Memories of Gaia SkyCity
Memories of Gaia IceCave
Memories of Gaia CityMap2
Memories of Gaia Screenshot3
Memories of Gaia CityMap1[/spoiler]

-Estimated of 3 Hours of Gameplay
-You can see monsters in the maps, so you can avoid battles if you want
-Costume Sub Menu At Worldmaps by pressing "D"
-Animated Battlesystem w/RTAB
-Few Costumely made Animated battlers by me (most by Dollmage, Skie, GR)
-Cool particle RTP animations remake by Mascaporne
-MOG Costume Menu System Set
-Plot twist? (I don't even know what it means, just feels like it's in)
-Lots of Towns to explore with new Items/Weapons/Armors each shops

Me (efreet)
White ties
Skie Fortress
Green raven
Final Fantasy
Threads of fate
Tales of Eternia
Breath of Fire

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Memories of Gaia
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